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Prolongs the life of your vehicle!

Keeps your vehicle looking new longer!

Prevents auto rust from destroying your investment.


The CounterAct system; rust protection since 1987.

The CounterAct corrosion prevention system - 18 years of use by industry to prevent rust in motor vehicles. The CounterAct System offers many advantages over conventional spray or coating rust proofing methods.


These are only a few of them... NO Yearly re-application required.
NO Drill holes required in your vehicle's body. CounterAct doesn't need them!
NO Voiding of OEM warranties; unlike conventional sprays, no drilling is required.
NO Unpleasant odors or puddles of goo on the garage floor.
NO Messy coatings under the hood, on the frame or on nuts, bolts and screws.
NO Harmful chemicals.



CounterAct... uses advanced solid state circuitry.
CounterAct... has a 5 year warranty.
CounterAct... circuitry is epoxy encapsulated for durability and long life.
CounterAct... installs quickly with no special tools.
CounterAct... can be transferred to your next car.
CounterAct... is environmentally friendly using no harmful chemicals.
CounterAct... protects all commonly grounded metal panels, inside and out.
CounterAct... saves costly paint jobs, by reducing the undercutting of paint chips.

CounterAct Rust Protection System - laboratory & field tested over 18 years.

CounterAct - because rust never sleeps!


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